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There are a large number of people who have trouble gaining an erection that does not last enough for satisfactory performance. The erection that is too soft for penetration can be a sign of Erectile Dysfunction. It is a condition where a person is powerless to attain or sustain a hardness for the desired time. There are numerous reasons that reflect the sensual health of a person. 


Medical conditions with genetic effect, diabetes, vascular disease, obesity, smoking, low testosterone or psycho-social problem are some of the reasons for the impotence problem. There are numerous reasons that can organically cause the problem. It is majorly seen in aging men. The problem can be treated and diminished with medical help.

The problem of Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men with hypertension and heart condition. It is the condition that impairs arterial blood flow to the blood tissues of the male genital organ. It can also disrupt the neuronal circuit in men. Lifestyle change, excessive weight gain, metabolic syndrome or hormone changes also affects the health of a man. Alcohol consumption, past surgery effect are also some of the major reasons affecting sensual health of a male leading difficulty in gaining an erection.


Some of the first-line treatment includes oral medications. These medicines suppress phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor enzyme that is useful in increasing cGMP level in the body. These oral medicines help in increasing the flow of blood by dilating the blood vessels. The medicine works by producing an excessive amount of blood flow sufficient for the penile tissues to keep up an erection during sensual communication. It helps in providing a positive significant relationship with the problem. It can also be used in combination to treat other sensual health conditions.


Vardenafil 20 mg medicine comes with a PDE5 inhibitor and is successful in improving the quality of sensual health. It is an effective medicine useful in treating male sensual health problems. The medicine also works in for treating Erectile Dysfunction problem. It is beneficial only for men’s use. To enhance the functioning of male health, the medicine works well. It is advisable not to use Vardenafil 20 mg with nitrates or any other related medicine.


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