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Sensual Stimulant to Promote Overall Sensual Health – Sildigra 100

High cholesterol and erectile dysfunction are two problems that commonly plague men, especially as they enter their older years. However, what many men do not realize is that these two conditions are closely linked. Excessive levels of cholesterol can seriously impair sensual function and reduce men’s drive. The great news is that reducing levels of bad cholesterol can significantly improve drive and performance. With the proper attention to diet, exercise, and penile health, men can enjoy greater stamina, also as longer, stronger erections.

Four ways in which cholesterol affects the sensual function

Reduced blood flow: Cholesterol is a fatty substance, almost like wax. There are two sorts of cholesterol that are produced by the body and consumed within the diet. Good cholesterol is vital in terms of hormone production, also as in regulating levels of bad cholesterol. It can cause serious health complications when it accumulates within the arteries, forming plaques that restrict blood flow. While this is often dangerous to heart health generally, clogged arteries are specifically detrimental to penile function, as they end in insufficient blood flow being directed to the penile.

Reduced levels of nitric oxide: The power to realize and maintain an erection depends largely on a chemical called nitric oxide, which is produced within the body and not to signal the blood vessels to expand, allowing increased blood flow. Cholesterol interferes with the body’s ability to release this chemical into the bloodstream, affecting erectile function.

Reduced testosterone levels: Clogged arteries also reduce blood flow to the testicles, meaning they less ready to produce testosterone. Since this hormone controls sensual drive, also as promoting sensual stimulation, reduced levels cause reduced libido and loss of male function. Lower levels of testosterone also can leave men feeling tired, irritable, and fewer ready to deal with lifestyle.

Medication: Prescription medications are common to treat high cholesterol. However, these medications have a negative effect on erectile function, so although they could help to lower cholesterol levels, men who are taking them should experience loss of function. While it is important to continue taking medications prescribed by the doctor, it is also an honest idea to speak to a professional health care provider about lifestyle changes and other alternatives to assist lower cholesterol levels naturally.

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